Powerful, scalable, simple & future-proof

In today’s demanding business environment, your communications infrastructure needs to leverage the cloud.

Ensure your workforce stays connected.

OneStreams’ Cloud PBX provides a flexible, cost-effective solution to manage your global voice communications.

Whether you’re a business with remote offices or a global enterprise with employees who travel around the world, our Cloud PBX solution ensures your workforce stays connected.

OneStream allows an enterprise to transform and shape their use of communications technology with a suite of cloud-based services including full PBX functionality, Contact Center applications, advanced call management tools and Unified Communications features.

OneStream drives down the costs of voice communications while providing users with advanced feature packages designed to enhance accessibility, mobility and productivity along with sophisticated tools that give IT management an unparalleled degree of flexibility and control. OneStream services can be fully integrated with a client’s existing IP or legacy TDM infrastructure where required, preserving investments already made in telephony infrastructure and providing a seamless enterprise-wide solution.

Benefits of Cloud PBX & Unified Communications:


Less PBX equipment to buy or lease.

No maintenance contracts or fees for account changes.


Flexible features save time and improve communication with customers and colleagues.

Easy-to-use features include: Find-Me-Follow-Me call flows, Mobility integration, Remote Workers, Unified Communications (voice, video and IM), Call Recording, enhanced Contact Center applications, and many more.


Managed MPLS data network enables end-to-end prioritization of voice for global Quality of Service (QoS).

Combine with high-quality desktops from Polycom and Cisco, and experience HD Voice with crystal-clear call quality.


Use an existing MPLS data network to connect to OneStream’s Cloud PBX and UC applications.

This approach offers the convenience of preserving existing network connections, helps reduce deployment time and provides the efficiency and economic benefits of network convergence.


Extend your PBX system globally with OneStream.

With local numbers, in-country dial plans and services in over 80+ countries and 8,000+ cities,

OneStream’s Cloud PBX service provides a single source, consolidated solution for all of your voice requirements.


To get your Cloud PBX and UC service up and running smoothly and quickly, OneStream assigns a dedicated Project Manager.

This dedicated resource serves as your single point of contact throughout your Cloud PBX deployment, coordinating all elements of the installation and training and ensuring an excellent user and management experience.

Productivity & Advanced Features

Find-Me-Follow-Me Increase responsiveness by answering calls the first time with a single DID number seamlessly integrated with your desktop, mobile, home-office or any device globally.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail messages seamlessly delivered to your Email Inbox for improved access and responsiveness.

Unified Communications

Enjoy video, voice, instant messaging (IM) and presence with integrated Unified Communications.

Call Recording

Percentage-based or complete recording of calls from any device. Web Portal for simple retrieval, management and storage.


Extend PBX features to smart mobile devices and enjoy calling, conferencing and complete feature sets while reducing costs from routing on wireless/mobile networks.

Web and Outlook Portal Assistant

Reduce administration delays and manage your own features via Web Portal or Outlook integration.

Contact Center & Cloud IVR

Designed to enhance caller satisfaction, boost agent productivity and improve overall profitability. Features include IVR, skills-based ACD routing, CTI, call blending and multiple channel routing.

What’s Included

Standard Cloud PBX Features
Anonymous Call Rejection Enables users to reject calls from anonymous parties.
Basic Features All the basic phone functions—like caller ID, call forwarding, call hold, call transfer, call waiting, 3-way calling, redial, do not disturb, speed dial, and hook flash.
Call Logs Displays records of the user’s most recent incoming, missed, and outgoing calls and allows the user to click-to-dial any number on the logs.
Call Park Enables users to hold a call and retrieve it from another station within a group.
Call Pick Up Enables a defined user to answer any ringing line within their pick-up group.
Calling Line ID Offers the capability for the outgoing number to be revealed or blocked by the user.
Consultation Hold Put a caller on hold, call a third party, hang up, and resume the conversation with the caller.
Directed Call Pick-up & Barge-in Enables a user (with permission) to answer or barge-in on a call directed to another phone in their group.
Distinctive Alert/Ringing Sets a distinct ring or call-waiting alert for calls that meet specific criteria.
e911 Service Local emergency operator assistance.
Extension Dialing Using a 3 to 7-digit extension, users can call co-workers within their company, regardless of location globally.
Find Me / Follow Me Allows users to define call treatments—how incoming calls are routed or forwarded for individuals or groups of inbound callers—ensuring that important calls are not missed.
Hoteling Allows a user to log in as a guest on a host phone and use that host phone as if it was the user’s normal desk phone. All incoming calls are routed to the host phone while all outbound calls appear to come from the user’s desk phone.
Line Status Monitoring Enables a user to monitor the call status (idle, ringing, busy, or on hold) of another user—who shares the same line—within the company.
OneStream Anywhere OneStream Anywhere allows users to make and receive calls via a single phone number regardless of which device is used. The user also may move a call from one device to another without disconnecting the call.
N-Way Calling Enables users to add up to 14 participants to an active call.
Push to Talk (PTT) Point-to-point intercom functionality between two phones in the same group.
Sequential Ring Allows users to have up to five phone numbers ring in a specified sequence when they receive incoming calls that meet specific criteria so they never miss a call.
Shared Call Appearance Allows users to configure a second device for making and receiving calls with their account when they are away from their desks.
Simultaneous Ring Enables users to have incoming calls ring up to ten phone numbers or extensions at the same time, allowing them to handle incoming calls more efficiently.
Softphone Support Enables users to make video or voice calls with a CounterPath© softphone App using a laptop or mobile device without the need for a desktop phone.
TeleWorker Solution Enables a remote location to use an IP phone without the aid of a dedicated voice gateway or OneStream connectivity. One phone per remote location.
Unlimited On-net Calling All calls placed between OneStream customer locations are free and unlimited.
Voice Toolbar Make and receive telephone calls and manage your most used calling features from within Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Message Call Back Allows the user to respond to voice messages and faxes by calling the sender/caller directly from the system, removing the inconvenience of searching for and dialing numbers.
Message Indication A stutter tone and a visual indicator signal the receipt of a new voicemail message or fax.
Voicemail to Email Receive voicemails as email attachments. If available, the caller or sender’s name and number are included in the subject line.
Voice Messaging Customize personal greetings. Users can listen to, forward, delete, and save each received voice message. During playback, users can fast forward, skip, rewind, or pause messages.
“0” Out Voicemail Option Enables callers to exit voicemail by pressing “0”, and be redirected to an operator or other specified phone number.
User Portal A simple-to-use Web portal that allows the user to make and receive phone calls, change routing, and turn features on or off as needed with a single click; Voice Manager can be used on a smartphone or PC.


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